Auditing & Mystery Shopper

Auditing & Mystery Shopper

Field Auditing

Compliance auditing is a core marketing function and can be critical to the success of a brand – particularly during range reviews, new product launches and key promotional events. Measure the efficacy of client’s specific marketing initiatives from time to time with respect to competition of each outlet under the visibility program.

Ensuring the best placement for your brands and visibility of your POSM elements, stock /shelf gaps, POS display, product & promotional compliance, competitor activity, pricing & benchmarking which allows our clients to seamlessly capture all field level data & images on a real-time basis.

Mystery shopper:

The customer experience is vital to your brand's continued success. Whether you are seeking an insight into competitor activity, compliance confirmation or customer service standards measurable. . Our help you discover the brand experience from the consumer's perspective. Benchmarking internal standards against those of competition and evaluate efficacy of your training programmes and identify gaps.

Here are just some of the benefits our unique approach delivers:

  • Full-time dedicated outsourced teams delivering Field Force and Brand Ambassadors,

  • Tactical teams to support key campaign to saving costed

  • Product in store guarantee compliance – ensuring the highest ROI possible